Andy Arturi Licensed Agent

Andy Arturi

Andrew Arturi

Licensed Agent

Andrew, known by most as Andy, is your trusted and attentive adviser for your wealth planning needs and most important financial goals. He has a long and impressive background spanning more than two decades in accounting, investing, management, and business ownership. He carries a B.B.A. in Finance and a International Masters Degree in Real Estate. He is well-studied in a variety of financial instruments and strategies. Most recently, he has become an avid student and practitioner of the Vantage Perpetual Wealth Financing (PWF) strategy, which teaches both business owners and individuals the powerful secrets some that the most wealthy in America use to build, protect, and pass on, wealth for generations. Being a numbers guy, he initially, and skeptically, analyzed these unique life insurance strategies for months before coming to a very solid and enthusiastic conclusion: he not only wanted to implement these life-proof strategies for his own family, but he had the passion to share this information with others and help them transform their financial futures. Aside from crunching numbers, Andy loves to spend time traveling with his beautiful wife and 3 children, and you might catch him out on the town enjoying a fine wine and a good meal.

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