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For many accumulation of money and assets isn’t really the problem. the trouble comes when you try to get those assets out of your company. Equally as troublesome can be how to turn those assets into an efficient, safe, and reliable income stream for a worry-free retirement. We can help. Our client typically see an increase in retirement income of 30-50% by implementing just one of our simple strategies.
We can show you how to maximize your guaranteed lifetime income. These financial tools, when used properly, and with the right planning in place, can ensure that you get top-dollar income from your hard-earned life savings and investments, eliminate risk, and live out your retirement in dignity. Annuities are often misunderstood, and are sometimes mis-sold to clients. We can help you review your current annuity to make sure it is going to serve it’s purpose and is as efficient as possible.


Life insurance protection is universally agreed to be the foundation of protecting what matters most in your life – your family, your assets, and all you’re working so hard to build. It ensures that the desires and dreams you have for your loved ones will come to pass, even if tragedy strikes. As your broker and adviser, the team at Vantage Insurance Solutions can help you find the best policy to meet your needs, goals, and budget!


While it might be hard to think about now, accidents can happen. You want to make sure that you’re not left asking the hard questions if an accident strikes, such as: How will I continue to pay my bills and support my lifestyle if I can’t work? The answer is simple, though, protect your greatest asset — your income. With disability insurance, the tough questions won’t be so tough if you’re faced with an unexpected disability.




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