Jeremy Parmley

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Jeremy Parmley

Licensed Agent

Jeremy has found a fitting home at Vantage Insurance Solutions with a “go-getter” spirit, hunger for knowledge to become a better version of himself, and sincere desire to connect with and serve others. In his teenage years, Jeremy realized that financial education was something many people were missing in their lives, but he wasn’t quite sure how to do something about it then. Now, as a wealth advisor, Jeremy has a clear vision and is eager to share it with those that need help. He has long sought to create a blueprint for others to follow, and to lead by example, having a drive in him since he was a young boy to do what most people don’t, to venture where others won’t, to be the exception.


Being a music lover, you might catch Jeremy jamming out to his favorite tunes, just lovin’ life. He is also an outdoor enthusiast, and loves nothing better than to get out for a good hike or settle into a secluded camping spot where he can enjoy solace and beauty.


Jeremy truly believes the best is yet to come in his life because he is now in position to make a difference in a way that is truly significant. If you have Jeremy working with you and helping you protect what matters most in your life, count yourself truly fortunate! With Jeremy, you can trust you’ll get honest and straight-forward answers and advice, set up your appointment with him today!

License#: 4099027
 : 562-584-5054
Office : 877-382-6467
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