Joel Preciado

Joel Preciado

Joel Preciado

Licensed Agent

Joel Preciado is not your typical young professional…in the best way! You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone as committed to serving their clients and offering the absolute best guidance and service. Throughout Joel’s educational journey and working career he has accumulated a large circle of friends, colleagues, and clients that wholeheartedly trust and enthusiastically endorse him.

Joel’s love of financial literacy and education stems from his participation in his high school’s business academy. The academy began his journey in acquiring the necessary knowledge to predictably grow wealth, and how to design and deliver quality products to their target audience.

Joel currently studies business administration & social entrepreneurship in his college coursework. With over 5 years of customer service and sales experience, Joel is committed to creating lasting relationships based on trust and guiding his clients to lasting success.

Joel can be found working out at his local YMCA gym, helping out at Pathway Church, or at a local Redlands store with his mom who he takes care of as an IHSS caretaker. In addition,  when Joel has free time, he enjoys boxing, soccer, chess, and Monopoly.

Are you looking for a financially stable and organized future? Need information and resources on how to use life insurance for your business to protect your interest in key employees or partners, all while building a perpetual, tax-free, and multi-purposed asset? Joel is the one you want by your side. He will take deep interest in your situation, needs, and goals to guide you to the best future that awaits you!

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