Harry Sonke

Harry Snokes

Harry Sonke

Licensed Agent, Medicare Specialist

Harry Sonke brings a valuable wealth of experience and a deeply knowledgeable perspective to Vantage Insurance Solutions. He has a B.A. from Cal Poly-Pomona and has been active in the Inland Empire insurance market since 1997. For many years Harry was known as the “Aflac Man” among small businesses and their employees here in the Inland Empire. For many years, he has studied, excelled in, and come to focus on strategies designed to help his clients build “reality-proof” wealth plans that can help them weather the ups and downs of the economy and business climate.


Joining forces with Vantage Insurance Solutions was an obvious and natural fit for Harry, and right in line with his passion to help clients build and protect their wealth, businesses, and families. Since the Crash of 2008, he has watched many of his clients either go out of business, or downsize severely, just to survive. Some of his clients had substantial bank-issued lines of credit, who then had those lines withdrawn or reduced by those banks at the very time they needed them most. Since he personally experienced losses in the real estate market, he realized a “new kind” of diversification was necessary. “Cash is King” was the watchword, and those who utilized cash substantially increased their holdings and distribution.


Since then, several of his clients expressed interest in developing their own “lines of credit” and have done so to position themselves in a place of greater control and stability, in the event of another downturn. Harry calls it the “LUCK” strategy, but it is anything but luck, since it positions a client’s resources towards (L)iquidity and they now have full (U)se and (C)ontrol of those resources, (K)nowing where every dollar is employed.


Harry has come to discover that the Vantage Perpetual Wealth Financing Strategy (PWF) is a clear articulation of the solution he has been studying and offering his clients, both for business and personal portfolios. He is excited about the future with Vantage Insurance Solutions, and we are looking forward to a lasting, prosperous & fulfilling relationship!

Harry is happily married to his beautiful wife Samantha. They have four children who have blessed them with 7 grandchildren. Among other things, Harry is an avid Dodger’s fan!

Office : 877-382-6467
Email : harry@vantageinso.com