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Solutions for Companies & business owners

Specialized benefits plans that provide the most tangible, utilized, and highly appreciated benefits for your valued team members. Create true attraction and retention of your best people. Simultaneously provides impressive tax savings, asset accumulation, and internal financing for the company.

Retirement alternatives that give you control, build assets for your company, and a true golden handcuff solution that everyone can and will participate in.

More Company & Business Owners Solutions

Key-Man Life Insurance Solutions – true custom-tailored plans to accomplish your goals, multitask your dollars, and support your ultimate goal to protect your assets and build lasting wealth. Your most valuable asset in your company is, and always will be, your best people.
Private Cash Reserve Banking Strategies – learn to own your financing and profit just like big banks do. Capture More cash flow and become financially bullet-proof. In the end, use the funds that would have been spent on liabilities for an incredible boost to your retirement and Exit Strategy. We call it “Perpetual Wealth Financing.
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Solutions for non-profits and ministries.

Solutions to protect against the loss of a key leader, director, or pastor
Solutions for making your savings funding work smarter and harder for you, building a bright and prosperous future so you can continue doing what you do to make the world a better place.
Solutions for donors and key supporters. We show you and your passionate supporters strategies that will make their generous contributions multiply many times over and have massive impact, far beyond what would otherwise be possible!
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Solutions for individuals and Families

Real wealth plans that are simple and easy to implement, and designed to withstand REAL life. – We will guide you to the time-tested principles that help you understand the order of priorities in your financial life, and how to manage your money and assets in a way that builds predictable, generational, financial freedom. We’ll show you how to enjoy the peace of mind few ever do, and have a level of financial freedom most never achieve. Enjoy the best things in life, while being protected from the worst things life can throw at you!
Life Insurance – “Life insurance protection is universally agreed to be the foundation of protecting what matters most in your life – your family, your assets, and all you’re working so hard to build. It ensures that the desires and dreams you have for your loved ones will come to pass, even if tragedy strikes. As your broker and advisers, the team at Vantage Insurance Solutions can help you find the best policy to meet your needs, goals, and budget!”
Disability Insurance – “How will you continue to pay your bills and support your lifestyle if you can’t work? Here’s how… protecting your greatest asset…your income”
Long Term Care Insurance Solutions – “You might be surprised to find that there are more options, and it’s much more affordable, than you might think! Planning ahead will ALWAYS save you money and protect your assets and your family.”
The Vantage PWF Strategy – Perpetual Wealth Financing positions your money to grow perpetually impervious to market risk, taxation, and lost opportunity costs, for generations! Build a family banking system that is simple, sustainable, and will ultimately make a more massive difference in your wealth than any other strategy. This impressive yet simple solution is all about true financial freedom and independence.
Annuities – We can show you how to maximize guaranteed lifetime income. These financial tools, when used properly, and with the right planning in place, can ensure that you get top-dollar income from your hard-earned life savings and investments, eliminate risk, and live out your retirement in dignity. Annuities are often misunderstood, and are sometimes mis-sold to clients. We can help you review your current annuity to make sure it is going to serve it’s purpose and is as efficient as possible.
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Professionals and experts that offer the most comprehensive approach to cutting taxes.
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