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When it comes to inquiring about various insurance plans, there are many professionals you can approach. But not many understand how to seamlessly navigate: a) the thousands of product-carrier combinations, b) the myriad of design plan processes, and c) your unique situation. And that’s the Vantage difference.


Our full-service insurance firm helps clients like yourself set and reach financial goals by utilizing industry-specific tools designed to benefit your business. Contractors have their tool box, doctors have their medical instruments, and our insurance specialists have the financial resources. We provide relevant solutions so you can hit your financial goals while protecting what matters most in your life.

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Experience specialized services designed to
protect your assets through retirement, avoid taxation, and build lasting wealth.



Our clients typically see a 30-50%increase in retirement income by implementing just one of our simple strategies.




Long Term Care







Whether you’re a small business owner, a partner in a mid-sized company, or the CEO of a national  corporation, having the proper business insurance policies in place can mean the difference between great financial struggle or thriving success! Smart and strategically designed policies like key-person life insurance, buy-sell agreement life insurance, executive bonus plans, and group plans can prepare you and your team for the best possible future while protecting you from some of the greatest threats to your success. Click to browse our business products and services.


These solutions will help protect your organization against the loss of a key leader, director, or pastor, and provide solutions for donors and key supporters. Learn strategies to generate generous contributions and impact your community massively.


Families & Individuals

The Vantage PWF Strategy (Perpetual Wealth Financing) will help you build a family banking system that’s simple, sustainable, and influential to your wealth’s longevity. This strategy is designed to future-proof your money so generations after can continue to experience perpetual growth in the face of potential market risks, taxation, and lost opportunity costs.

Seniors & Retirees

Aside from being misunderstood, annuities are also some of the most improperly sold financial products in the marketplace today. Our proprietary software examines thousands of product-carrier combinations so you can get top-dollar income from your life savings and investments and live out your retirement in comfort and security.

We’re the strategic advantage to help you experience financial wins, all the time — check our client reviews.

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We’re a privately-held, full-service insurance brokerage serving the Inland Empire. Our main objective is to help you escape or avoid the tyranny of debt and poor financial habits. We do this with specialized education and products that produce the necessary advantage for you to experience and maintain financial success. We don’t just “sell insurance;” we teach you how to develop a wealth plan with strong offense and defense.

Get in touch with the Vantage team and receive a complimentary plan review of your current plan, or simply discuss how to adopt a more strategic option that better suits and benefits you.

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