Chase Zuniga

Chase Zuniga

Chase Zuniga

Licensed Agent

Chase Zuniga comes from a long line of successful business owners with the true spirit of the entrepreneur. He learned the value of hard work and good advice early on, as he grew up around, and working in, the family business. Chase’s love of financial education stems back to his freshman year of high school when he met his family’s stockbroker. Ever since this enlightening meeting, his interest in the financial industry suddenly grew into a passion as he began acquiring knowledge as to how the market worked at a young age.

If you’ve ever attempted winning at the game of money, you know how tough it is! Just like a world class athlete would never be without their coach, you can ensure your progress and success by having Chase Zuniga in your corner! His no-pressure, supportive, approach makes working with him easy.

Chase’s commitment to excellence and confidence in sound principles will make achieving your goals of protecting those that matter most, and experiencing real peace of mind for the first time, a real possibility in your life.

Chase is your well-rounded, hardworking, and trustworthy finance professional. He has made it his personal mission to use his ever-growing financial knowledge and specialized training in the insurance industry to provide top-notch service to his clients! Chase is committed to successfully guiding them through their journey of becoming financially free.

Chase can be found in his off time at the gym, bodyboarding, snowboarding, hiking, or with his friends enjoying nature. He also continues to dedicate himself at school during his off time, pursuing a degree in finance.

Looking forward to having a financially free future? Want to learn the secrets of the wealthy, and start making real progress? Book your appointment with Chase today! He will listen to your needs, work with you, and guide you to your ideal financial future!

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